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Ornament #23: Solomon’s Crown

By the Grabowski family using salt dough, metallic paint and embroidery floss hanger. The crowns were then blessed at Holy Virgin Cathedral in San Francisco on the relics of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco and before the holy Kursk Root icon.


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Ornaments #9 and 52

Ornament #9: Joseph’s Elevation (Cow) by Laura. She was very concerned about it looking like a caterpillar. I think attaching a couple of black pipe cleaner sets of legs would help prevent that. I will post a picture of our cow ornament once that has been done. Otherwise it is very cute with eyes and a nose the kids will love!

Ornament #52: St. John the Baptist’s Sandal by the Powers family of Maine using felt:

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More ornaments coming in!

Ornament #3: The Fall, Fruit,By Kh. Michelle, using polymer clay:

Ornament #14: Moses Parting the Red Sea, by Veronica, using felt:


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By the Hulter family using layers of wool felt sewn together with Kreinik blending element. The hanger element is made from pearl cotton finger knitting.

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Barbara Shukin’s ornament

For Day 46: Star of Bethlehem

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More ornaments!

Day 6: Isaac’s Altar by the Gomulka Family in Michigan

Day 18: Shofar representing the Birth of Samuel~Song of Hanna, by the Belk family in New York.

Day 50: Sword representing the Slaughter of Innocents by the Dillon family of Maryland.

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Our beloved Vladyka

With two of his flock (this was not staged, he decided to spontaneously hold hands with them on his way from church to the parish hall).

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