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Updated! Now supplemental readings are complete and cover days 1 through 52!


Includes hymns and additional suggested reading resources for each day, graciously made available by a member of our group:



Copywork and additional weeks of suggested supplemental reading will be added to this post as they come available.

Thank you!


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Just updated! Now includes readings through Day 52!

Please note, some ornaments have been rearranged:



Fr. Joshua and M. Jenny Mosher have finished the first part of the Jesse Tree readings and have graciously made it available:


Thank you Fr. Joshua and M. Jenny!

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First of all, Kohl’s is selling the St. Nicholas Square 41″ Ornament Tree for 55% off at $23.99. We bought ours locally but you can also buy it here. We are very pleased with it, so much so, I bought a tree for our girls and younger boys rooms. They each are making ornaments now themselves to decorate their trees.

Secondly, we are putting together PDFs for Jesse Tree ornament images that can be copied onto shrink-plastic. You can buy translucent shrink plastic here (my favorite brand), or at a local craft store. I attempted to take some pictures of the shrink-plastic ornaments outside on our new tree. Unfortunately, it was windy and I had only my cell phone camera, so the pictures are not that clear.






Here are the first 27 ornaments worth of pdf files (the selection of images in these files may change, and hopefully improve, over time plus more ornament images will be coming as they are completed-be sure to check this post regularly):


  • 1: Sun
  • 2: Adam and Eve (Image used is Adam with Christ)
  • 3: Fruit
  • 6: Isaac’s Alter


  • 4: Rainbow
  • 5: Constellation of Stars
  • 7: Jacob’s Ladder
  • 8: Coat of Many Colors


  • 9: Cow
  • 10 Lion
  • 11: Baby Moses
  • 12 Burning Bush


  • 13 Frogs
  • 14: Moses Parting the Red Sea
  • 15: Water from Rock


  • 16: Ten Commandments
  • 17: Wheat
  • 18: Shofar
  • 19: Lamp Stand


  • 20: Sheep
  • 21: David and Goliath (Sling-shot)
  • 22: David Psalmist (foot stool and harp)
  • 23: Solomon’s Crown

ornamentimages71 (corrupted file replaced)

  • 24: Burning Rock
  • 25: Whale
  • 26: Fish
  • 27: Scroll, “Emmanuel, God is with us.”


  • 28: Throne
  • 29: Wisemen
  • 30: Ark of the Covenant
  • 31: Cave


  • 32: Stone falling on Babylonian Statue
  • 33: Three Holy Youths
  • 34: Wisdom is the Book of commandments of God: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”
  • 35: Birth and star foretold


  • 36: Jewish high priest with censer
  • 37: The Annunciation
  • 38: Visitation of Mary


  • 39: Joseph’s Dream
  • 40: Journey to Bethlehem
  • 41: “Christ is Born! Glorify Him!”
  • 42: Radiant Light,-Christ the Light of the world.


The Scripture readings that go along with the first 30 of these ornaments can be found here. Supplemental resources for the first 15 days can be found here.

First print these pdfs onto paper. To then print these images onto shrink plastic, you need to use a copy machine that you can hand feed the plastic through the side. Once you have plastic copies, you can use Bic or Sharpie permanent pens that are now available in a wide assortment of colors. You can use other water based pens only if you pre-sand the plastic before printing. I prefer the finished look of water-based pens. They allow more blending and the colors remain more subtle and natural. But pre-sanding can be time-consuming. The permanent markers work fine though the dark colors can sometimes become too dark and all the colors significantly intensify after shrinking. Be sure to remember to hole punch before baking. I like to bake in a 225 degree oven using a piece of cardboard to support the ornaments. I have found that the ornaments will stick to even nonstick cookie sheets. We have had no problem with the ornaments sticking to cardboard. Just keep the oven temperature low (both for the shrink-plastic which will be ruined in a hot oven and to prevent fire with the cardboard). When the ornaments are cool, spray them with an acrylic protective spray (I prefer matte finish). I am using gold beading wire and 3 beads to decorate the hanger.

Tip: If you want softer more subtle colors, but you are using permanent pens, color those areas after baking. This is an easier way to color large areas too.

This is a great way to make other Christmas tree ornaments too.

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The Nativity Fast will very soon be upon us. Here is an excellent article to help us get into the right mindset as we enter this holy season:

“On the Nativity Fast – The Preparation of the Soul”

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All the ornaments are now in…

And the boxes have been shipped out. I don’t have pictures yet of the latest ornaments. I plan to get those tomorrow. Meanwhile, one ornament went out incomplete. It is a beautiful ornament, and what needs to be done to finish it is very small. It is Ornament # 30: God’s Dwelling, Ark of the Temple by Catherine in Dallas, TX.

Below are the instructions to complete the ornament as given by Catherine:

I take these:


And I add rails and ribbon with a glue gun:


And then I add the angel skirts with a glue gun:


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Tara’s Ornaments are in

Day 31: Habbakuk 3 (mountain with large cave-i.e. the stable), by the Crane family in IL, using salt dough.

Day 38: Visitation (Mary), by the Crane family using a clothes pin, felt and embroidery.

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Ornaments for Day 4 and 5!

Day 4: Noah’s Ark (Rainbow), made by Holli-Marie Taylor using shrink plastic.

Day 5: Abraham (Constellation of Stars), made by Holli-Marie Taylor using paint on a wood cut-out.

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