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Here are some lovely pictures of the Camptaylor family’s  work with glass plate painting and candle decorating:







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Pascha Bread


A very good link on Pascha Bread (including both Russian and Greek recipes).

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Holy Myrrh-bearer and Equal-to-the-Apostles Mary Magdalene

Commemorated on July 22 / August 4

According to Bishop Nikolai Velimirovch in The Prologue from Ohrid:

“One of the myrrh-bearing women, and equal to the apostles, she was born in Magdala by the Lake of Gennesaret, of the tribe of Issachar. She was tormented by seven evil spirits, of which she was freed and healed by the Lord Jesus. She was a faithful follower and servant of the Lord during His earthly life, and also stood beneath the Cross on Golgotha and lamented bitterly with the most holy Mother of God. After the Lord’s death, she visited His tomb three times; and when He rose again, she saw Him twice, once alone and the other time with the other myrrh-bearing women. She travelled to Rome, went before Tiberias Caesar and presented him with a red egg, greeting him with the words: ‘Christ is risen!’ At the same time, she denounced Pilate to Caesar for his unjust condemnation of the Lord Jesus. Caesar listened to her, and moved Pilate from Jerusalem to Gaul, where this unjust judge died under imperial displeasure after a terrible illness. After that, she returned from Rome to Ephesus, to St John the Theologian, whom she helped in his task of preaching the Gospel. With great love for the risen Lord and with great zeal, she proclaimed the holy Gospel as a true apostle of Christ. She died peacefully in Ephesus and was buried, according to tradition, in the same cave in which the seven young men (see August 4th) had been in a charmed sleep for a hundred years. They came to life, and then died. St Magdalene’s relics were then taken to Constantinople. Near the Garden of Gethsemane, there is a beautiful Russian church dedicated to St Mary Magdalene.”

Dyeing traditional red eggs for Pascha:

  • For a special effect, clean eggs before dyeing can be placed in an old nylon stocking. Leaves and flowers can be tucked inside between the egg and nylon, and each egg can be separated by a knot in the hose. The egg is then dyed. The locations where the leaves and flowers were placed will leave a lighter imprint. The texture of the nylon hose may also be visible. The egg then can be gently rubbed with oil.

Recipe for Greek Pascha Bread coming!

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I intend to upload a number of pictures today of dishes members of our family have painted. We are using a combination of Delta iridescent and opaque PermEnamel paint. The effect is really beautiful, with colors shimmering and shifting as the light changes. Unfortunately, it is difficult to catch in pictures. We purchase the platter ($4.50), dinner ($1.50) and salad/dessert ($1.00) size clear glass dishes at Walmart. We draw the outlines with black Glaze Jelly Roll Pens on the back of the plate (the side that does not come in contact with food). We paint highlights with the transparent iridescent paint first, and then once it dries, we paint over it with opaque colors (paint the more intricate details first and then the broader colors afterward, remembering that the first painted layers will show up over what is painted behind it when looking from the front/unpainted side of the dish). We are also using Krylon Metallic gold leaf and copper leaf pens for details in the cross. The Delta paint set provides a clear protective glaze to paint on after we are finished with the colors. We are also spraying the backside (painted) part of the dishes with Krylon Triple Thick Crystal Glaze (available at Walmart and elsewhere) to further protect it. To learn about what we are doing, look at the post below: Biblical Fruit Dish.

Large biblical fruit platter (olives, almonds, wheat, figs, dates, pomegranates, grapes):



Small salad/dessert plate done by 11 year old son:


Dinner plate size dish done by 13 year old daughter:


Dinner size paschal dish (we use this same design for our stenciled Pascha basket covers)


More pictures will be added as dishes are completed.

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A while ago, we visit an Ancient Treasures exhibit in Plano, Texas. In the gift store, there were some beautiful pieces of contemporary Jewish art. One of the items available was a painted glass dish for the Jewish feast of Pesach (Passover). It had images of biblical fruit around the perimeter and the Hebrew letters spelling Pesach in the center. Why not make something similar for our Pascha? It is a dish that also could be used for the blessing of fruit during the Feast of the Holy Transfiguration.

This week our family is taking it easy with school and we are doing some crafts. One craft we have been doing is painting on clear dishes from Walmart. Here is an example using a Walmart platter (between $3-4) and Plaid sampler stained glass paint (available in any craft store):


Each of the fruit are found in the Bible: pomogranates, dates, figs, wheat, almonds, olives, and grapes. Unfortunately, the Plaid glass paint is not dishwasher safe. The painted surface is at the bottom of the dish so food won’t come in direct contact with it. But it would be best used as a decoration or for dry food like fruit. In order to protect it further, I am spraying the back of the plate with Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze (also available at Walmart).

We are working on a second dish that will hopefully be more usable using Glaze Gellyroll Pens for outlining (which forms a durable embossed line) and Delta PermEnamel glass paint (which is dishwasher safe). With the Delta glass paint, if you want a translucent effect similar to the Plaid stained glass paint, you need to use the transparent and iridescent color sets.

Here is a pdf of an image that can be printed and sandwiched between two standard sized glass dishes found for $1.50 at Walmart (you outline on the bottom of the upper dish and paint it while the lower dish holds the printed image close to the curved surface of the upper dish): cross02.pdf

Be sure to “scale the image to fit the media” when printing so that it fits the entire page.

To see more painted dishes, click here.

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Learning about the Four Preparatory Sundays of Great Lent (and activities for children)

Paidea Classics offers these products that could be helpful:

Paschal Lenten Calendar

Paschal lenten calendar based on the Synaxarion of the Lenten Triodion and the Pentecostarion. It starts on Zacchaeus Sunday and goes through Great Lent, Pascha, Ascension, Pentecost and ends on the Sunday of the New Martyrs. There are 41 small windows to be opened each day of the Paschal season. They will reveal an icon for that day. It comes with a numbering guide, a book to explain each day and a mailing envelope. 11×14

The Twelve Great Feasts for Children: The Annunciation


The Twelve Great Feasts for Children: The Entry of our Lord into Jerusalem


The Three Day Pascha Series: Great and Holy Friday


The Three Day Pascha Series for Children: Great and Holy Saturday

The Three Day Pascha Series for Children: Pascha, The Feast of Feasts


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There is a family in our parish who soon will be baptized into the Church. The mom and children were here today making their baptismal candles in preparation. Some of our own children worked on making Paschal candles at the same time. We had a lot of fun.

For the baptism candles, they rolled white honeycomb beeswax and then glued on an icon of their patron saint using a glue stick. Afterward, each child cut pieces of candle Stockmar Decorating Wax to decorate.

For the Paschal candles, an icon image of the Resurrection was glued onto a beeswax dipped candle and then they were decorated.

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